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Cultural Studies quote of the day

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Interviewer: If it’s possible to take yourself back to being a young man, what was it about the sound of the blues, what did it represent to you that was so different?

Interviewee: It’s the allure of the Other… You’re completely opposite to it. It’s like a slightly more modern version of this is, you know, well-off suburban youngster wants to be a rap singer. It’s almost exactly the same thing. Except in those days it wasn’t intellectualised… There wasn’t any criticism in the big sense of the word or journalism that analysed it…

It was so different from your suburban, kind of rather educated thing, and these were kind of largely uneducated people from a rural place… so you’re attracted to them because of their otherness.

— Er, it’s Mick Jagger and the rest of the Rolling Stones in conversation with John Wilson on BBC Radio 4.


2 thoughts on “Cultural Studies quote of the day

  1. Er…höristelin hieman silmiäni tuon kauniisti valaistun instrumentin kohdalla. Voi mitä Toisinaisia tosisoundeja Rollarit olisivatkaan suomalais-ugrilaisesta alkukitarasta löytäneet!


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