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Name-dropping on Christmas Day

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Last Christmas, Annika gave us wonderful home-made chocolate. (This year’s wasn’t bad, either.) When Susan shared a recipe on Facebook of home-made dark chocolate and pomegranate bark, we felt inspired enough to give it a go.

There was still 70 grams left of the dark chocolate (Panda) that Sirkka had brought, and we took the other half from the (Fazer) bar that Jaana had left with us. Nobody had brought us candied ginger, so we had to do without.

Click here for simple advice of how to seed pomegranates. The clip is both informative and annoying, but there you go.


The recipe itself is easy peasy and the end result far from annoying. Iitu found it tempting, too. 

Our bark didn’t turn out looking quite so pretty as the original, but the flavour must be a decent match.

I wish I could savour this with friends, but they’re gallivanting somewhere in South Africa, Thailand or Turku. They’re funny that way. Take care, though, wherever you are.




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