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Kukkia vähässä valossa


Pimeää on ja pimeämmäksi käy.


Hämäränäkö on lyhyt.


Kukat jaksavat vielä hetken.


Ne kukkivat vähässä valossa.


Minä en ole kukka enkä valo. En osaa edes kantaa niitä.


Kuvata voin.


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Nudging me softly

gps kindly sent me a note:

”Howdy! [howdy!]

Great job meeting your posting goal last week. This is just [just!] a friendly [friendly!] reminder to write this week’s post. Keep up the great work! [indeed] 

Looking for inspiration? Here are some great posts by bloggers just like you [not quite]: 

Love in the Age Of Autism
“Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and messages.” A parent reflects on the ways her autistic son displays love.

What’s the Problem with Pink and Princess
Author Rebecca Hains on how pink princess marketing is so powerful that it’s not really a choice anymore.

Just So Stories in Ecology and Evolution:
A conservation paleoecologist on the entertaining (yet factually inaccurate) stories we tell to explain the natural world.

Go to your blog now.” 

Yes, WordPressSir/Ma’am. The thing is, though, that the bloggers above have something to say, whereas I drive on (as it were) pretty aimlessly. Nice try all the same, and not a bad nudge as far as nudges go.

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Respect to Russian women

maatuska1See you later, raznochins & narodniks, Sofia Petrovskaia, Ekaterina Nekrasova, Nikolai Chernyshevski, Maria Tsebrikova, Maria Vernadskaia, Society for Affordable Housing and Provision of Other Aids to Poor Citizens of St. Petersburg & The Society of Inexpensive Lodgings, Ariadna Tyrkova, The Women’s Equal Rights Union, Zinaida Gippius, Anastasia Verbitskaya, Zinaida Vengerova & Olga Shapir, ravnopravki, The First All-Russian Women’s Congress, Aleksandra Kollontai, Poliksena Soloveva, Liudmila Vilkina & Lidiia Zinoveva-Annibal, V.I. Lenin, Maria Shkolnik, Irina Kakhovskaia & Maria Spiridonova, Nadezhda Krupskaia, The Russian Women’s Charitable Society, Countess Sofia Panina, Vera Slutskaia, Inessa Armand, Polina Vinogradskaia, zhenotdels, Sofia Smidovich, Klavdia Nikolaeva &

maatuska2Aleksandra Artiukhina, Zentrobaba, League in Aid of Defence, Aviation and Chemical Construction, Lazar Kaganovich, J. Stalin, Mikhail Gorbachev, perestroika, Vladimir Putin, and other champions or otherwise of women’s agency in past and present Russia.

I’ll switch to Nordic alcohol and drugs studies next. Another field of passion, tension, ideology and practice. In all honesty!